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Let’s Wear Tee Shirts 2gether is a product of Ideas2ProductCM and Charmaine Motivational Speaking Services. Where (Ideas2ProductCM) is a company that influences, motivates, equips and train people how to get prototypes within a proven month time or less. Drawings , files etc. which is needed to get your product idea to a manufacturer. I’m also gifted to motivate people with my enthusiastic energy to come up with ideas/ inventions or improvements of existing Products.  I also encourage people to do it themselves with my assistance. Ideas are for all and we need to help those in need. Many ideas never come into play because of money.   Ideas2Productscm I am able to give information and show you how to make your dream come true.  I have done it for myself and now ready to train, share and release this wealth of information to you. I have invented products that solve problems that’s how I started over 10 years ago. Improving and making it better.  The Slide In Waterproof Mail Protector which is a good maintenance for mailboxes in keeping mail dry. Is an active product today.

Charmaine Overton is "Bustin Loose" and ready to equip people into a new economy of technology. Many have been trained and agreed it is needed and very helpful.  The future of Charmaine Overton Motivational Speaking Services, Ideas2productscm and Lets wear tee shirts 2gether is 3 in one company to build Entrepreneurship in America with powerful motivation.

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